Target Blu Eye


When your out on the busy roads in Essex it's important to know what other vehicles are on the road around you. The amount of times you see emergency vehicles driving very fast on the motorway and in some cases motorists can't react quick enough or panic when they are flashing there blue lights. When driving with Target Blu Eye installed you can drive without worry. You will know where all the emergency vehicles are including undercover police vehicles, due to the device only detecting the Tetra signal it is completely road legal and safe to use in the UK.


Most of the kit is hidden away within your vehicles interior, the only parts you will see are a small aerial which is mounted at the top of the window screen and a small flat control unit which features LEDS and 2 buttons. The LED's start from Green then change all the way upto Red. When the LED goes Red you know you are very close to an emergancy vehicle.


We install this device by our mobile installation service in Essex. And we can fit this at your home or workplace.