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Car DAB Essex


DAB is going to be a must have soon due to the goverment wanting to switch off FM stations, This will be like where they turned off analoge stations on TV, You can add DAB onto a factory radio with a system made by Alpine Electronics, This device connects inline with the original car ariel to allow the new signal to be transfered to the OE unit.


With DAB you can pick up so much more than a regular FM radio and the best part is when listening it sounds like your playing a CD, due to the signal being digital the sound is much better.


If you feel like upgrading your audio system Kenwood do a very nice sleek single din unit which also allows you to plug your ipod/Iphone in and play all the music stored on the device.


There are more and more stations added to DAB and it will keep growing, it has come along way and many people are now starting to worry about having DAB technolgy fitted into there vehicle.


There is no need we can answer all your DAB questions via phone or email!


The add on Alpine unit has a small screen that is fitted to the dash in a location of your choice this is used to control what stations you are listening to.


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