We do 2 types of tracking systems fleet management which keeps a look on all your drivers during there working day and out of hours this system also lets you know there speed and how many times they have stopped for a break during that day and the time of starting and finishing work that day.


The most popular system is the stolen vehicle recovery system, If your pride and joy gets stolen then you can phone a secure control centre they when then track the vehicle for you and let the police know where it is to get it recovered.


The system also has a tilt sensor and a back up battery so if the vehicle is towed or the battery is disconnect the vehicle can still be tracked.

Most of our tracking products are Thatcham approved which is accepted by insurance company’s. Some vehicles can’t be insured without a tracker due to the theft rate of that vehicle.

Did you know most vehicles are stolen with the vehicles keys so we do a product where the user has to enter a pin number before driving off.


We provide the best advice depending on your requirements and also offer the best after sales customer back up service if you get any problems.

You won’t see or know where the tracker is once installed in it discreet location. All the wiring is also black so it can be hidden well in a vehicle loom.


Brands we supply and install are Cobra and Smartrack

Cobra tracking units can’t be jammed by a GPS jammer which many cheaper units can.

We also do tracking products for motor homes and caravans which can also be linked to an alarm to give the customer more protection.


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