Autowatch Ghost


The worlds most advanced Can-Bus immobiliser offering supiour security over the rest. This device is the best on the market for securing your vehicle, not cutting wires like other systems which have been around for years. The Autowatch Ghost uses a series of button presses to turn off / disarm the system when you enter the vehicle.


The system automatically arms every time you turn the ignition off ( between 3-30 second arming time ). Even if your vehicles keys are stolen you don't need to worry about a thief simply jumping in and driving off. The Autowatch Ghost can be disarmed in one of 3 ways.


  • Enter a pin number via your steering controls or dash buttons.
  • Download the Autowatch app and use your iPhone to disarm.
  • Emergency override ( pin code ) via vehicles accelerator pedal.

The Ghost uses no form of arming or disarming radio signals so it can't be found or hunted down with the thieves latest gadgets. The system is completely silent in it's operation meaning once it is hidden within a vehicles harness it would be near impossible to find or bypass. The system also can't be found via diagnostic equipment meaning it is ultra secure.


If you would like the Autowatch Ghost fitted in Essex, why not give us a call and get your car booked in on 07525 068291.