Remote Start

Remote Start Fitted Essex

Got a late type vehicle but still want all the features of a remote start system? No problem with the Clifford and Viper range they can be added to many new vehicles using a data module it converts all the alarm signals over to data. Need window closure? or boot pop? no problem our systems write infomation to the data line which will not only allow the alarm to protect your vehicle 24/7 but also work alongside your vehicle.


Why should you get a security and remote start system? It helps in the summer and winter months cooling and warming you vehicle to how you want it, If you have a performance car like a BMW M3 you can have turbo timer set up which allows the engine to run when you have left the car allowing the turbo to calm down while you leave the Viper protecting your car.


The systems are 2 way so the remote fob will tell you when the car has started or an entry zone has been triggered with a 2000ft range you can be assured your car is wrapped in protection.


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