Kenwood have released a new upto date multimedia system

Kenwood have just released a new VW vehicle fit multimedia unit this features DAB,SAT Nav,Bluetooth and DVD with a really nice touch screen to make the unit even more sleek. The unit looks very original and doesn't look out of place on any VW dashboard.


MED have made a new anti hi jack system

Latest release from MED electrionics Italy, They have made a new type of vehicle anti hi jack system which needs a small square card in your pocket to keep the vehicle running. If you are involved in a vehicle hi jacking you can make no fuss exit the vehicle and the vehicle won't run because it needs to see the security card to keep the vehicle running.


Toad have stopped making text alert

Its been on sale for years and it has finally come to an end. The text alert is no longer avalible in the uk to alert you via sms when your car alarm has sounded. don't worry there are other products on the market which offer the same featues as this product.


You have the Autowatch system which alerts you by text when the alarm is sounding and you can also immoblise your vehicle by sending a simple text. This is perfect to stop key theft and a good upgrade for BMW's with keyless ignition barrels.


Want a CobraTrak Web Upgrade for Free

Buy a CobraTrak this month (April 2013) and get a massive saving of £51 off the extra web tracking and geo fence feature. This is a great add on provided by Cobra and you can simply get the add on free by phoning Cobra when signing up for your subscription and quote CTWEB101.


The CobraTrak is fully Thatcham Cat 6 approved and is designed and made in Italy with anti jamming built in to give you the best confidence in the product, most vehicles that are stolen with a CobraTrak installed are normally recovered in 22 mins.


Clifford 5204 2 way Remote Start System

The latest release by Clifford is the 5204, which has a 2 way led communication system and comes with a full on board data port allowing it to be installed in many of the latest vehicles. Many people are requesting remote start since the very bad weather kicked in. This can be used to warm the vehicle up without even going outside just pressing a couple of buttons on your remote fob.


The Clifford uses the latest 2000ft remote controls which is the most advanced system ever on a Clifford alarm system, also added the best feature for many high performance car owners is the turbo timer.


New Budget Thatcham Cat 1 released

Since the Hornet maxx 1 left the market there has been a gap for a budget priced Thatcham Cat 1 alarm, Armour Auto here in the UK have been designing and developing one of the best budget cat 1 alarm systems ever made... so your asking whats it called ''MAX'' is the brand name for this system.


The system has not been striped of any parts just because it's a budget system, It comes with onboard locking,full battery back up siren and some very nice black and chrome key fobs, which look very sleek.


New range of VW/BMW/Mercedes reversing mirrors in stock

We can now supply a rear view mirror which replaces the standard one and looks 100% the same, but the best bit is the mirror also has an inbuilt LCD display so you can have a reversing camera fitted and no one would know where the screen has been fitted.


These are not a cheap method for getting a reversing camera installed but if you are worried about the look and don't want to change the interior this is the perfect set up.


A goodbye to Nokia handsfree kits

Nokia have faded out the handsfree systems they supply to the UK, They have not been avaliable to buy for months now. They have not released any infomation on how we are going to get spares.


Its a shame to see this brand of handsfree not in the market place no more, there kits where always of a higher quality than most other popular brands on the market.


The last kit released by them was the CK200 and it was a stunning piece of kit this was also one of the sleekest kits on the market.


Most common stolen vehicles in Essex

It is now more important than ever before to have you vehicle fitted with a Thatcham alarm system. Vehicle crime is on the rise and new cars are being targeted due to the value of the parts.


Most common stolen vehicles

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Transit
  • Fiat 500
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Citroen's/peugeot's


An alarm will make a theft harder due to most of the advanced methods used to take these vehicles you can get one opened up and drive off without making any noise at all.


If you are worried about having the vehicle keys stolen, We would suggest having an autowatch keyguard system installed. This makes the car unable to start until a 4 digit pin number has been




How to keep my car safe?

Here are some helpful tips about keeping your car safe, this is very important around Essex due to the high number of car crimes at this current time.


Never leave your car running unattended, even to dash into a business, store.


Never leave any keys in the car or ignition, inside a locked garage, or in hide-a-key boxes.


Always roll up your windows and lock the car, even if it is parked in front of your home.


Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked. Put them in the boot out of sight.


Always park in high-traffic, well-lighted areas, when possible.


Install a mechanical device that locks the steering wheel or an autowatch key gaurd system.


Get a vehicle security system/Car Alarm especially if you own one of the frequently stolen model vehicles.


Focal have just released a speaker range for VW Golf's

The stunning audio brand Focal have just released some new direct replacement speakers (Replacement means no drilling or cutting the cars) these speakers just swap over and sound awesome, Focal have always been a performance driven brand for customers that are looking for that little bit more than just a set of basic speakers.


The kit also comes with replacement tweeters which will improve the sound even more due to it making every higher sound more crisp and clear.


Got an Ipod or Iphone for Christmas?

Apple products seem like the main gift at Christmas, so why not take advantage and use your ipod or iphone in your car today.


We offer ipod connection which will play all your songs and tracks and charge the apple device at the same time.


Or you can have a handsfree system which is able to support your apple device and offer playback and charging.


Most of these systems are up-datable, this is needed due to apple releasing so many products.


Got a Fiat Van?  

A Fiat van can have the rear lock drilled out at an angle allowing access into the vehicle, as standard the Fiat Ducatos have no van alarm, so they can be in and out without making a single noise. This is a big worry for alot a ducato owners at the moment due to most of them leaving expensive equipment in the vehicle.


So your thinking what can we offer? We can supply and install a full canbus alarm that reads all the infomation from the vehilce to trigger the alarm if any doors or bonnet is opened.


These alarms are Thatcham approved and may offer an insurance discount.


If you are interested in having an alarm fitted why not give us a call and we will talk you through.


In Car Advancements are now offering there own Diesel Tuning System

We have spent many months looking for the perfect fuel saving and performance upgrade, we can now offer our customers a unit that will offer up to 30bhp and up to 3-5 mpg fuel gain. Not only will our system be very effective but it won't change any of the vehicles ECU settings which can be overwritten if the vehicle goes in for a service at the main dealer.


Parrot Are set to release a new range of Handsfree systems

Parrot have told us they are going to bring another 3 handsfree kits on the market, these are going to have on board sat nav on the Parrot handsfree bluetooth unit, and the screens are going to be a lot larger so the user can see the screen a lot better.


Kenwood have got some news on a new DAB unit

Kenwood have just released there new double din DAB unit with add on satnav, It looks very sleek and will give you many choices as a user. Most customers are now being wise when buying a new radio they are requesting a digital radio before we even have a chance to offer more basic FM units.


Digital is getting more popular by the day, Don't be left behind it has many more stations than any FM radio and it sounds crisp and clear.


Major Update to the main In Car Advancements site

With the new 2013 audio product range now coming into stock we have updated the main In Car Advancements site to make the site a more enjoyable experience. We have also added some pages for DAB car audio and Subs & Amps. Many customers now want to keep the original radio and add new speakers or a sub just to get that little extra.


Cobra NSV Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

The all new Cobra Vehicle Security Handsfree system is stunning, offering compatibility with all phones and a large range of buttons to choose from meaning this could be the best handsfree package for you. You can have a button that is stuck to the dashboard using a strong 3M pad or have a 18mm hole drilled and a button clipped in, this is perfect if you have a switch blank.


Being made by Cobra means you get the best quality and the sleekest styling possible.


The Hornet Maxx1 Has Stopped Being Made!

The most popular Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm System here in the UK has now come to an end, due to the amount of vehicles fitted with Thatcham alarms as standard now the demand is not enough for Hornet to carry on. A huge shame due to it being a budget Thatcham approved system. does this mean I am going to end up paying more for a Thatcham alarm now? In a way yes due to no other company in the car electronics market making a budget Thatcham Cat 1 at this current time.


There is a rumour Clifford are going to set the standard with a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm at a great price point. This is a huge way for Clifford to go yet due to the amount of testing and approval times required. Due to it being made by Clifford it means you will end up with a fantastic product!


Double Dins Are Really Dropping In Price

When Double Din units where first released years ago they was very expensive, Now you can get a double din unit with CD,Radio,Colour Screen & DVD for around £300 for a brand name unit like pioneer/Kenwood.


The units with Ipod and Bluetooth are still a little more expensive but you have to pay for the bluetooth compatibly software and research/development thats been put into designing the unit.


The New IO Play 2 is Avalible Now

Its Been in research and in develpment for years, This is going to set other bluetooth handsfree kits apart. You can have upto 9000 contacts on the kit which is a break through in terms of going up against Parrot, It has an on board amp which is 180 watts and is Class D Approved.


Also has a full lit controller this means it's easy to see in the dark, It can also auto sense a 3.5mm jack plug when connected to the unit.


Vehicle Hi-jacking is on the up again.

So many vehicles are stolen with there keys now due to cars being fitted with a good immobliser as standard. Thefts are ranging from house break in's to hi-jacking. This is where a product called Clifford Blackjax comes in!


Clifford Blackjax is an immobliser and anti hi jack system, If the vehicle is hi jacked the vehicle will only travel for a very small distance and then the engine will cut out and the siren will start sounding along with the vehicles indercators. The only way to re start the vehilce is to enter a 4 digit pin number on the key pad.


This is a must have for any high performace car (for example Golf R32) hi jacking is on the up again because they want to steal the car with the keys and the engine running.


It may also be worth having a tracker fitted to the vehicle.


Does Your bumpers and side skirts keep going missing?

Around Essex Ford Fiesta's and Fiat 500's are a major target due to the bumpers selling really well on the stolen market. So your thinking how car I protect my car? we can fit an alarm which also has a tamper loop going through each bumper or side skirt once the wire is cut the alarm is triggered. Don't put off having one of these alarms installed your car could be next.


Fully installed all around the Essex area.


Do you want to be alerted when away from your car?

The Toad ai606 interactive means your car is fully protected with a Cat 1 and with a mobile phone text alert system. If your car alarm sounds you will also know by the Toad alarm sending you a text, The system can be set up to also accept text's from the user. If you lock the keys inside you vehicle with a special text code you can get it to unlock the doors from your phone.


The Toad ai606 Interactive has been around for a good few years now and is still proving to be a very well made and reliable system! They even come with a lifetime warranty on the main ECU control box.


We would always suggest this system when the customer is looking for the best alert security system with the Thatcham status to go with it.


Want a good subwoffer but not alot to spend?

Why not look into the Edge 10 inch active subwoffer which is made by Vibe UK it is a brand aimed at the budget market but sounds stunning for how much it costs. With a 750 watt amp it packs a punch. it also comes with a full wiring kit so you don't need any extra's.


The amp is fully built into the box so there are no wires going to an amp located else where. its a well made and carpeted mdf box with a very nice tone of orange/black.


Why not buy one today?



Got a later type Ford Fiesta?

Did you know these vehicles are being attacked all over Essex, A common part to go missing is the Front and Rear bumpers, these are alot of money to replace and can make your car insurance go through the roof on the next years quote.


So your asking how can I protect my car? Why not have a Cobra alarm system fitted that is approved by Fords! We offer the very best car security in Essex


Want to find out more? Car Security Essex


Don't miss any point of the 2012 olympics with full DAB coverage

The BBC are making a radio station called ''Radio Live 5'' This is going to be live 24 hours a day talking about all the olympics coverage so you won't miss any of the event infomation.


Now is the perfect time to get DAB fitted into your vehilce, main dealers are charging £1000+ most the most basic cars. We can do a full install which will be sleek and out of site for less than half that price.


Due to it being Digital you won't get a better sounding radio station. Over 48% of households now have a DAB radio, Don't be left behind it is going to be massive here in the UK.


New page designed for video in motion and digital freeview TV

More and more people are now wanting digital TV in there vehicle due to analog which was turned off earlier this year, digital is a great upgrade to have in your vehicle it will keep the kids busy while you are on a long road trip due to so many channels to choose from.


The video in motion page has also been made to make it more known that later in car multimedia systems can remain active even when the vehicle is traveling.


Why do we not price match Halfords?

Customer's ask this question again and again and we tell them, We sit exams and are accredited engineer's for all the brands we supply and install, Halfords have an instore training course which lasts for around 4 hours. over this time they are expected to know every in car product and vehicle inside out. Why should we trust In Car Advancements instead of taking my car to Halfords?


As you can see a simple Headunit installation can turn into a nightmare and a danger to your family.


We work hard to make sure we follow every install guide line possible, which means you get the best possible install.


SmartStart is now avaliable to buy!

We have been waiting for years for this product to be on the market and fully working in the uk!

Smartstart is a gps tracker and remote start system. you can track your car whenever you wish and also have a geo-fence set so if another person uses the car you can set a area which they can't drive past otherwise you will be alerted.


Worried about leaving your car at Christmas in some of the most over populated car parks in the uk? Why not take a picture of your car when you leave it, Then click on the picture and your Iphone will navigate you back to your car when you have finished your shopping, If you think that is good you can also start the car to warm it up before even stepping out your door on a cold winters day, on some vehicles you can also set it up to control the A/C.


SmartStart costs £99.99 per year subscription


The SmartStart Systems start from £699.99 fully installed


This system is aimed at high end cars but can also be fitted on regular day to day cars!    


New laser diffuser just released

The new Blinder Compact is one of the most powerful laser diffusers ever made in world. the laser head has such a good diode it jams the whole front of the car, the laser head is about 2 times smaller than the most popular laser diffuser on the market the laser elite!


As far as we know this is the first diffuser to have voice alerts while driving and also coming with a 2year warranty we can tell this is a great bit of kit. can also be upgraded to the latest software at any time via usb.


Works as a parking sensor and jammer and has a very small sleek laser head.


Want digital fitted in your older vehicle

Many high end cars were fitted with analog TV years ago and to be honest they did work well until the digital switch just a few months ago, We stock all the in car interfaces to allow you to have digital fitted in your vehicle. The digital signal is so strong you will get many stations when a good tuner is fitted.


we can also link in a video in motion device which will allow the TV in your vehicle to still play even when the vehicle is moving. Due to the law you can't watch TV while driving but your passengerscan. These devices depending on the set up can allow a video feed which means you could watch your Itunes Ipod videos while driving.


People ask why should i go for a CobraTrak over other brands

The Cobra brand is good quality from the ground up, all there products are still made in Italy which is very unusual as most companies get all there products made in China, They are the most professional company known. CobraTrak is aimed at a customer that wants the very best from a tracking unit and wants there vehicle back as soon as its stolen.


It also uses the latest Anti-Jam technology which means no matter how clued up someone is the CobraTrak will keep your Vehicle safe!


Insurance companies are requesting a lot more cat 1 alarms on older vehicles

The early part of this year insurance companies have got alot stricter on the public having better security on an older car, this is due to cars pre 1996 not having a immobiliser fitted into the ECU.


A Thatcham Cat 1 alarm has 2 cuts on the immobiliser and the alarm side has a battery back up siren in case the vehicle battery is disconnected, the indicators will also flash while the alarm is sounding.


Every Thatcham alarm installation is supplied with a fully written certificate by our fully TRI Thatcham approved engineer. some companies are still saying they are VSIB approved and VSIB went bust years ago.


Make sure you don't get caught out by have a poor installation done.


Car Alarms Essex Specialist

Did you know we are the market leader in fitting Car Security and Van Security in the Essex area? Customers choose us due to quality of workmanship and also a neat and tidy installation and a system that is reliable.


People are normally worried about what has to be done to the vehicle to fit the alarm system, we understand its your pride and joy. We treat every vehicle we work on with the highest care possible.


The systems we fit to the most modern vehicles are data alarms which means it was designed to work with the information system in your car. We program the alarm before installation.


Every can-bus data alarm we supply can work with the original fob, so there are no extra fobs to mess around with disarming the alarm.


Auto-DAB from connects2

Want DAB fitted into your car with no wires and a neat sleek installation, We can install the perfect product into your vehicle, The station (RDS) will also display on the original car radio display which means it looks like it was fitted from the factory.


The only part you will see is a small glass mount Ariel at the side of the window screen. DAB is going to be the next biggest thing to have installed in your car, current FM will be turned off in a few years which means your current radio will not be able to tune into any station.


DAB is digital so it sounds like your listening to a CD, we all know what an improvement digital tv was over the standard signal all them years ago.


Laser diffusers new page designed

We have been speaking to more and more customers about what they want in there vehicle, alot of customers have said they are getting more and more points on there driving licence. We can help you with making sure you don't get any nasty surprise this summer! 


The laser diffusers we supply and sell are made as a parking sensor which means they are used for parking but they work on the same laser wave length as police laser guns.


When a traffic cop/mobile speed camera van aims at the number plate of your vehicle, they get a speed reading, with a laser diffuser fitted they won't have any reading at all!


New IO play kit (handsfree to be released soon!)

The latest IO play handsfree blue-tooth kit is due to be released soon. They have put years of development into this nice sleek kit, you can have 2 phones paired at once, play your ipod/iphone via cable or blue-tooth streaming.


This kit comes with a small screen which will suit even the most prestige vehicles. and a control which has a very small cable to allow it to fit behind most types of trim.


The advantage of having this kit over the Parrot MKI? The IO has no battery's to replace it is all controlled via the control box, the screen is alot smaller and sleeker!


IO play always have a great sounding amp built-in for music to be played at high levels.


Pro-Cat Alarm is a great bit of kit to protect your van/HGV!

The Pro-Cat alarm has only been around a few weeks and it is selling really well, The Mercedes Sprinter is the most common vehicle to get one of these alarms installed, But many other vans can benefit from having one of these alarms installed. The system comes with a flashing led saying Cat protected which is a good warning to anyone.


These systems can't be bypassed without setting off the horn and indicators. 


Ford Transits are still being targeted in the Essex area!

Ford Transits have always been targeted for being easy to break into. The older types used the have the rear door looms cut to trigger the locking systems which means they could open the door and steal everything. The later types 2006 onwards changed the way they lock and are secured but they are even quicker to open than the last model.


We have the perfect security upgrades for these vehicles and also CAT alarms. these vehicles just like the Mercedes Sprinter are being targeted for the CAT.


The alarm system we can fit is also accredited by Fords as it has passed there tests and it is also Thatcham approved.


Viper smartstart is being released in a few months time!

We have been waiting ages over here in the UK for this to go ahead and be released to the public, Car Audio Essex have good news its coming in a few months time so it should be here by summer.


Smartstart is used so much in the USA and it is the best app you can have remote start your car, check to make sure the doors are locked or unlocked at any time. any extras like window closure can be controlled via the app.


keep coming back to our blog to find out more. we will update upon release!


Take a look to find out more


Got a VW Golf with a colour screen?

We can fit a parking sensor kit that displays a picture of the car and the distance away from an object. These kits are designed by Meta which are one of the leaders in the parking and security.


Once this kit is fitted it will look like it came fitted from the factory, All our parking sensors can be colour coded to match the vehicle for the perfect finish.


BMW's with keyless entry systems are being targeted!

Bmw's with the latest keyless entry systems are being cloned all over Essex. Which means you can lock your car up and a theft can be near you cloning the signal, once the theft gets this signal the car can be started and driven away in seconds.


We can fit an extra immobiliser or tracker to the vehicle to protect it. and make sure the worst don't happen 


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We also post about how to protect your car in the Essex area, There are alot of vehicles being stolen right now in this area, Vans are at a even higher risk.


Ford Transits 2006> are getting stolen in the matter in mins, Think about getting yours protected.


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Cobra have now released Wireless sirens

Cobra UK have just released there latest range of alarm products, There New items include a module which goes behind the dashboard reading the information from the vehicle (Can-Bus vehicle types) and a siren that sits in the engine bay, The siren is completely wireless meaning no holes have to be drilled on brand new vehicles meaning the vehicle warranty is not affected in any way.


Wireless systems means quicker installation times which is great for you (The Customer) as you can get on with your day quicker. These Alarms are still Thatcham approved which most insurance companies demand.



Got a mercedes and want a phone kit like it came from the factory?

If you have a phone connection under the arm rest in your vehicle we can supply a blue tooth unit which clips on and also does wireless music streaming.


Blue tooth means no hassle just jump in the car turn the ignition on and drive away, If the phone is within a 10m range it will work great.


Depending on the phone it many also bring the contacts up on the original radio.


Did you want to protect your car when parking?

We do a full range of parking sensors from Steelmate and Cobra. We can get these fully colour coded to match your vehicle, If you have a BMW,VW,Mercedes we can supply displays that make the kit look like it was fitted at the factory.


Our kits start picking objects up from 1.5m away, most cheaper kits start picking up from 0.75 which means they are not as good, The kits we supply work great in all weathers.


Its getting cold again


This is the perfect time to have a remote starter installed on your car, Did you know if you have a BMW we can link the system in to work with the in car computer. This means installation time is quicker than the standard hardwire method.


We do remote start systems from Clifford and viper, These systems are made in the same factory but offer many different features depending on what add on's you want when having the alarm installed.


All the Viper and Clifford range are installed by one of our TRI Thatcham approved engineer's meaning you will get the best installation possible, once fitted we show you how to use the system.



Yours up to the job?

Alot of vehicles mainly van's have been taken a target and many thefts are trying what they can to get your tools or sat nav.


We do a wide range of Van alarms and also van deadlocks and slam locks these offer some of the best security available being Thatcham approved.


Got a Citroen need it secured


Do you have a Citroen in the area, Did you know the airbags in these vehicles are mega money and are getting stolen alot in this area.


We do a complete range of security packages even if you are on a low budget! Citroens use Can bus which means we can install the alarm in a shorter time meaning you can be getting on with your day once the alarm has been installed within 3 hours.


Cat been stolen from your vehicle


We do a wide range of security devices to keep your pride and joy safe and sound. Cat's have been getting stolen from vehicles in the area, They normally break the glass to access the bonnet release. Most modern vans don't even have an alarm from the factory, If they do there not normally Thatcham approved.



Getting annoyed with mobile speed camera's


Worried about high motoring costs this winter? There are many mobile speed camera's being used in the area. we want your licence to stay clean!


Did you know if you get caught its a £60 fine and 3 points, This could put your insurence quote up a lot next year. We are now selling the New M27 from blinder. This is the latest in laser jamming technolgy and it is fully up-datable but USB for later type speed camera's.


The M27 from Blinder is a parking sensor, so it also helps when parking in car parks with small spaces. Got electric gates outside your house? The Blinder jamming system can also open gates so it pays for itself.


The unit even comes with a 2 year warranty, This kit comes with 2 laser heads for max jamming when a laser hits your vehicle.


Fully Installed for £400 Inc Vat


Thinking about the DAB switch over in your Car?


Thats right DAB will soon be replacing the regular FM - LW and MW Stations and DAB will be mainstream in cars. manufactures when making new high end cars now are fitting DAB Ariel's so if you choose to upgrade you can go back to the dealer and have the DAB unit fitted and activated on the in car computer.


But there is a catch it would cost £1000's to get DAB in your high end car. we have a solution to all your DAB problems, We can fit a small box behind the dash and wire it into your factory fitted radio and then mount a small DAB glass mount ariel. This module we fit allows the box to talk to the Car, and then the car thinks it is a regular FM station that is being played and will display RDS infomation which means it will display the DAB station name you are listening to at that current time.


Did you know you can still control your DAB stations from your steering wheel once we have fitted out DAB Module? It will be such a sleek upgrade you will think it come with the car!


The DAB audio network has upto 255 stations now. How many can you pick up on your current car radio? most factory radios can't pick up more than 10 stations in one area!


The DAB network also has 40 favourite stations which so many people listen to day to day in their home but we can now take this experience and place it in your car.


New car? is your security up to the job?


Buying a car is one of the expensive investments you make in life, coming close second to buying a home or property. You invest so much into buying the car of your dreams that losing it could mean losing faith where you park or leave your vehicle. How do you feel when you lose your mobile phone or laptop? Stressful and inconveniencing isn’t it… well when you lose your car you will not feel stressful and inconvenienced, Think about the transport costs if you lost your car. we are talking of several thousands of pounds of vehicle.


the fact is that car thieves have become very smart today that installing a car security system has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Installing a car alarm system is a necessity you are better off paying than having your precious investment or some valuable parts of it stolen. Traditionally, car security was about locking the steering wheel and it sure worked since car theft wasn’t as important as it is now, plus car thieves were not as smart as they are today.


One of the most popular car security systems is the audible car alert system which triggers a very loud siren that alerts the public at large that someone is trying to access or break into the car illegally. Although the sound could be annoying, these systems are very effective in keeping car thieves at bay.


Thanks to advancement in technology, today there are technological advanced car security systems in form of alarms, and trackers will make it very hard for anyone to steal the car and if by any chance it is stolen, the security systems of today are so advanced that tracking the car is very easy. As for the ignition system immobilisers, they work by rendering the car immobile after it has been accessed through illegal means meaning the thieves will not be able to drive far with it.


want the very best Tracker installation

We can fit a tracker to your car anywhere in the area, The main brands we stock are Smartrak and Cobra.


These are very well made and offer loads of options to the customer. You can also do web browsing so if a few people use your vehicle you can do 2 min updates to see where your vehicle is at anyone time.


All the stolen vehicle recovery systems we do are Thatcham approved (so if you insurance request a unit to be fitted they will be happy with one of ours)


All our units come with a battery back up, so if the vehicle main power is disconnected the tracker will still be running.


They all use the latest GPS chipset which means they are the most powerful GPS unit around


Phone us now to book one in before your vehicle gets stolen!