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Worried about your car being stolen? Did you know about 90% of vehicles now are stolen with the owners keys! Car Audio Essex do a wide range of stolen vehicle tracking systems, our best selling unit is the Cobra Trak Plus due to the unit using anti jamming technology.


We also do a key guard system which means you need to enter a pin number before starting you vehicle. all the stolen vehicle tracking systems we supply and install meet the latest Thatcham requirements and we only use Thatcham TRI-Engineers to install your unit.


We fit Plant tracking systems aswell these can also be fitted with an immobliserwhich means you can kill the starter feed from your mobile phone!


Fleet Tracking is very popular in today's world don't be left behind find out where your drivers are on demand,  you can also view the speed the vehicle is being driven at. which is important to know so you can save on your fuel costs.


Car Trackers Installed 

With more than 300,000 vehicles stolen every year, the UK is the worst affected country in Europe. Today’s high value vehicles provide rich pickings for today’s new breed of professional vehicle thieves who steal to order. CobraTrak uses the latest GPS / GPRS / GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. Police liaison is conducted in local language through Cobra’snetwork of Secure Operating Centres across36 European countries, Russia and South Africa.


All CobraTrak systems are Thatcham accredited - which can reduce insurance premiums - and carry a 3 year warranty which is usually transferableto a replacement vehicle, enhancing the vehicle’s residual value and protecting the owner’s initial investment.

The Cobra Trak Plus system which detects unauthorised movement of a vehicle when the ignition’s switched off (e.g. if the vehicle is towed away).


Smartrack Protecter Pro

Smartrack have won 21 awards in the last 7 years for leading the way in customer service and the customer back up they give. The Smartrack Protecter Pro is the most popular unit due to the device being slightly cheaper than other units. But don't let that put you off buying a protecter pro they come in a ABS protective casing and are fully Thatcham Cat 6 approved with 24/7 tracking 365 days per year. The protecter pro also have a full on board back up battery if the vehicle battery is disconnected.


The subscription charges are fair at £149 for one year and £399 for life of vehicle ownership. This is a fantastic unit if you just need to keep your insurance company happy or just wanting peace of mind. Smartrack are also known for very fast alert times for when the vehicle battery is taken off or the vehicle is lifted onto a low loader. 



We are now approved dealers for the brand Tracker, These offer a solid way of getting your car back even if its put into a metal container, Tracker offer VHF which stands for very high frequency.


While RF is a slower way of finding a vehicle it is the most robust signal and the unit can be hidden in even more hard to find locations.


Tracker offer a unit which is GPS-GSM & VHF this is the most advanced system on the market offering the best possible protection for your vehicle, I would advise only getting this unit if your very worried about your vehicle being taken. 


Scorpion how won more awards again for the outstanding tracking system, not only does it come with a 5 year warranty as standard but it also comes with web tracking as standard. So you can view your vehicle on your desktop pc or Iphone.


If the vehicle battery is disconnected the tracker has a battery life of 120 days which is the longest in its class. Scorpion Track has the lowest subscription cost at only 130 per year, There are longer subscriptions if needed. Scorpion have also set up a system which texts the owner if the vehicle has been started, this is used against the highest crime which is a vehicle stolen with the owners keys. This is an extra £30 per year if you would like to add the key theft add on to your subscription.


European coverage comes standard in the £130 per year, Many vehicle manufacturers inc. Aston Martin, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Subaru, DAF, Triumph all use Scorpion track as there approved tracking system. This put confidence into the customer knowing they are getting a unit which is suited to that brand of vehicle.




Ikey Self Track Device


Don't want to pay subscription fee's? Have total control over your car and track it at any time!


Peace of mind, Convenience, Safety and Control of your vehicle and its contents.


The new iKey Intelligent Tracking system from Synergy Automotive Electronics, will provide you with peace of mind and security, with the added benefit of unique features to control your vehicle remotely

from virtually anywhere in the world.


 All this without any monthly contracts necessary, you can use either a PAYG or contract SIM if

desired. The following features are available, some may require an

additional interface and installation.


Control your vehicle remotely via your Android®, Blackberry® or

iPhone® by downloading the app for your device.


Locate your vehicle — Use the Locate tab to provide an instant

location to your vehicle location via Google Maps link.

Receive Alarm Alerts from your original equipment or aftermarket

alarm system when there’s an intrusion alert.


Remotely Lock & Unlock your vehicle from any distance, provides

complete peace of mind, if you’re locked out or if your unsure if you locked

your vehicle and you don’t want to leave it unsecured


Remotely Immobilise your engine to provide additional security


Geo Fence your vehicle — Alert given when your vehicle enters or

exits a pre-set zone defined by the user in the Smartphone App settings.


Speed warning — alert given when the vehicle exceeds a set speed for

a certain period of time, set within the Smartphone App settings.


Park & Find — Never lose your car again in the Airport or Shopping

Centre. You can park your car, then the system will guide you back. Within

the App, there’s also a count down timer with alarm to avoid getting

expensive parking tickets!


SOS Button — Optional SOS Button installed in your car is available


Please Note - The SIM Card balance function does not normally

function in the United Kingdom.


Units we supply and install


  • Smartrak Protecter Pro (Thatcham Approved TQA 208 Cat 6)
  • Smartrack Key Guard 24 (Thatcham Approved TQA102 Cat 6)
  • Smartrack Trident (Thatcham Approved TQA102 Cat 6)
  • Cobra Trak Plus (Thatcham Cat 6)
  • Cobra Trak Plus Web (Thatcham Cat 6)
  • Cobra Trak 5 (Thatcham Cat 5)
  • Scorpion Track (Thatcham Cat6) 
  • Tracker Retrieve
  • Tracker Locate 


Brands We Supply and Fit in the Essex Area

  • Smartrak
  • Cobra
  • Scorpion Track
  • Tracker

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