Video In Motion & Digital Freeview TV



Do you have an older vehicle that used to have analog TV? Analog got turned off in April 2012 so now you will but left with a blank image on your in car screen.


Don't worry we do a complete range of interfaces, which allows in car digital freeview tv to be compatable with your vehicle. The picture will be much better than analog due to it being a digital signal. 


If you have rear headrest screens fitted in the vehicle as standard freeview tv could be linked in on certain vehicles. 


Just brought a brand new vehicle and been told you can watch TV/DVD's but when you start driving the image stops being displayed on the screen as a safety feature.


We can supply and install a module which allows the video to be displayed all the time while driving. We can also supply video in motion units for many older vehicles fitted with in car multimedia.


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